Sushi Hub Now Open

11 Sep 2020

Sushi Hub is now open in the Elizabeth City Centre Food Court!

Sushi Hub opened its first store on 16 October 2006 in an alley way in Cabramatta, New South Wales. Fast forward to 2020 and Sushi Hub can now be found in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia. 

The team at Sushi Hub pride themselves on delivering the freshest, top quality sushi to their customers, and all Sushi Hub chefs are required to undergo a minimum of twelve months training to become an independent chef for each outlet.

The Sushi Hub menu is full of flavours and you will find Maki Rolls, Sushi Boxes, Sashimi, Salads, Inari, Nigiri, and Sushi Platters.

Sushi Hub Products

Why not try one of Sushi Hub's signature dishes like a Fresh Tasmanian Salmon Roll, a Crispy Free Range Chicken Roll, or a Tuna Salad Roll? Or you can't go past a sushi box or salad box!

Find Sushi Hub in the Food Court. For more on Sushi Hub Elizabeth, click here.