R U OK? Day with Connor

10 Sep 2018

R U OK? Day is Thursday 13 September 2018 and this years focus is on making everyday R U OK? Day.

Everyday, people experience life's ups and downs. Sadly, at these times many people feel they don't have anyone to confide in. That's why every day should be R U OK? Day where we check in with those around us with a simple question, "are you okay?"

Connor has proudly joined R U OK? as a community ambassador for the second year running so we caught up with the wonderful Connor Elizabeth team to find out what R U OK? Day means to them.

Lana & Ryan from Connor Elizabeth chat to us about R U OK? Day

Lana says "R U OK? for me means that making sure everyone around you is beyond okay. To help recognise that those around who aren’t, will be okay, and that there is support for those who need it."

Ryan adds "the fact that we are recognising individuals in need is such a refreshing sight, and that we get to represent such a great cause at Connor is truly amazing. I’m so happy that we are making a difference to those in need. Being apart of that is pretty special."

Crystal from Connor Elizabeth chats to us about R U OK? Day

Crystal opens up to us about losing her sister to suicide a few years ago, saying "the R U OK? organisation means so much to me because if they were around when my sister was facing such hardship, a conversation could have saved her life. It’s amazing because it has the opportunity to change people’s lives, and although I couldn’t do that for my sister at least through R U OK? I can do it for others."

Chatting R U OK? Day with Mel from Connor

Mel adds that she feels apart of something really special. "Helping out others in need is a great feeling, knowing that I am helping someone out there is a great part of my job." Well done team!

Staying connected and having meaningful conversations is something we can all do. You don't need to be an expert - just a good friend and a great listener. So, if you notice someone who might be struggling - start a conversation today. For more information on R U OK? Day, visit www.ruok.org.au

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