Bakers Delight Savoury Bites

19 Sep 2019

At Bakers Delight, we have a snack so tasty, it will be gone in seconds.

Packed full of flavour, we take a soft white roll, stuff it with a delicious frankfurt before adding flavours like pizza or BBQ sauce, then finish off with melted cheese.
And now we have 2 new flavours!

For all the spicy fans out there, get ready for a taste bud explosion! Bite the burn with our Sriracha Savoury Bite. It’s sure to wake you up!

And for all our vegan friends, we have a treat for you, we are launching our first ever vegan friendly savoury snack product, the Vegan Friendly Cheesy Bite!

Head into your local Bakers Delight today to stock up on all your footy finals food, we have every one covered!

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