Jack's Coffee Shop Mega deals!

18 Jul 2019

Take advantage of these mega deals at Jack's Coffee Shop!

Jack’s cafe is a family owned and operated business. You'll love their delicious food made fresh daily using only the finest South Australian ingredients and produce. 


Jack's Famous Chips & Gravy 

Small $4.90 

Large $6.90 

Chips & Gravy


Jack's Steak 

Plain Steak Sandwich $7.00

Steak Sandwich with the lot $9.00 



Jack's Burger, fries and soft drinks $10 



Jack's 9"pizza + can of drink $10 



Jack's Fish & Chips + Soft Drink $10 

Fish and Chips



Coffee & Cake $6.90

Coffee and cake 


Tornado Potato $7.00

Tornado Potato



Hot dog & your choice of small cold drink $6.90

Hot Dog

Make sure you try these DELICIOUS deals at Jack's Coffee Shop!



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