Coffee. Recycle. Repeat.

27 Aug 2018

Now you can drink your coffee and recycle the cup. Again. And Again.

Australian's use over one billion takeaway cups every year without a way to recycle them... until now.

Recycle your cups by placing them in CIBO Espresso's Recycle Your Cup tubes.

1. Remove the lid and pop it in the bin.

2. Check you have drank all your delicious Cibo coffee. No liquids please.

3. Place the cup bottom down in the tube provided.

In partnership with with Simply Cups.

Want to Join the Movement and Help Close The Loop on Coffee Cups?

Set up cup recycling with Simply Cups, Australia’s first coffee cup recycling program.

By placing cup recycling tubes at your work or learning place, you can help divert millions of takeaway cups from landfill. And thanks to CIBO Espresso, you may be eligible to have your establishment costs reduced to help you started.* Find out more at

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