Six Surprisingly Delicious Food Pairings That Actually Work

News| 27th July 2021
Six Surprisingly Delicious Food Pairings That Actually Work
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Some foods go together like cheese and truffle, while others should never meet on the same plate; like smoked salmon and peanut butter. But in between the two is an intriguing sweet spot full of food pairings you wouldn’t expect to work – but are well worth giving a shot. Read on if you’re intrigued…

Tortilla chip s’mores

These sweet and salty tortilla chip s’mores (a.k.a ‘s’more-tillas’) involve melting marshmallows and chocolate in the microwave before layering them between two tortilla chips. The gooey, warm centre and crispy crunch make every bite a satisfying surprise. Simply head to your favourite local treat shop – Sweetaholic – to gather the goods. You won’t be disappointed.

Strawberries dipped in balsamic vinegar

This little combo is an age-old Italian combination that couples the sharpness of balsamic vinegar with the sweetness of strawberries. Easy to make and perfect as a snack, there is only one word for this duo of flavours – “squisito”! Pick up some fresh strawberries and balsamic vinegar during your next grocery shop at Coles or Woolies for this delightful treat.

Banana and bacon sandwich

It’s time to mix up your sandwich making. Tasty in both fresh or toasted form, simply layer some slices of ripe banana and some fried, salty bacon between two pieces of bread. Oh so simply but outrageously good. Take it up a level with cafe style banana bread!

Soy sauce drizzled over popcorn

For a movie snack with a twist, combine some butter and soy sauce in a pan and melt until combined. Once your popcorn is cooked, simply drizzle over the top and toss your popcorn well. It’s also an easy way to jazz up the leftover popcorn from your trip to Reading Cinemas.

Peanut butter and pickles

Peanut butter is a popular pairing for a myriad of foods, so it may not as a surprise that combining it with pickles takes it to a whole new level. Cut your pickles in half, spread over some peanut butter and savour the perfect union of sweet and salty.

Prosciutto-wrapped rockmelon

Juicy with a tangy edge, this pairing has antipasto origins and is a true crowd-pleaser. Take your next dinner party up a notch by serving it as a starter!

Ready to try these combos for yourself? Don’t forget to show us your creations on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ComfortFoodies.

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