Level Up Your Next Family Gathering With These Five Meals

News| 29th July 2021
Level Up Your Next Family Gathering With These Five Meals
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If you’re looking to mix up your weekend feasting, looking to different sub-cuisines and dishes from across the globe is a great way to spark inspiration. Below, we explore five ideas to get those culinary and creative juices going.

Fire up the barbecue for an Argentine asado

 There is nothing more quintessentially Argentine than the asado – a meal that blends social connection with culinary craftsmanship.

 There’s no end to the types of meat that you can use, but juicy beef is at the heart of each asado. To get started, try a sirloin or a ribeye, available at Market Lane Meats, and season with sea salt. Sausages, chicken breast and bread are also staples of an asado, so don’t hold back if you’re hosting meat eaters!

 Once you’ve chosen your cuts, the meat is traditionally cooked on a grill over an open flame. If you’d like to err a little more on the safe side, use a barbecue.

Share Cantonese delicacies over yum cha brunch

Some families enjoy yum cha on special occasions; others on a weekly basis. While you may have been treated to this communal banquet before, now is the perfect time to not only indulge in well-known favourites but also try some new dishes, such as congee with pork mince, or century eggs.

You can buy the likes of pre-made steamed buns, dumplings and spring rolls in the frozen section or take the DIY route and prepare dishes from scratch with ingredients from Coles and Woolworths. Or, if you want to leave the cooking totally out of your hands, head to our new eatery, Dumpling Union for dumplings, noodles and so much more!

Keep cleaning easy with a one-pot chickpea shakshuka

Shakshuka is popular both in North Africa and the Middle East, a trusted meal that serves as an excellent vegetarian Sunday brunch or lunch option. This one-pan wonder is easy to make, with a divine fusion of aromas, combining eggs baked in a tomato-red pepper sauce with chickpeas, cumin, paprika and cayenne.

Grabbing the ingredients is simple. The real secret to a great shakshuka is a quality skillet. Don’t have one? Harris Scarfe can sort you out.

Spice up your gathering with an Italian stracotto

If you’re not hungry yet, you will be after reading about this exquisite dish! Stracotto is an Italian pot roast that takes the traditional roast beef to whole new level thanks to a umami-packed vegetable sauce.

Best cooked in a quart pot or a Dutch oven, it takes a few hours to make. But it’s well worth the wait. Full of tomato-based tang comes together with tender beef, onions, fresh rosemary, carrots and mushrooms, yum!

Get saucy with Spanish roasted fish and patatas bravas

Transport your taste buds to Spain this weekend with this classic seafood and tapas dish pairing. A seafood medley of salmon, prawns and cod served alongside patatas bravas will create zingy, smoky flavours your whole family will adore.

Before you create this knockout dish, you’ll need to have two quality roasting trays on hand, like the ones available at Big W. Combine your seafood, vegetables and seasoning in one tray, and diced potatoes and rosemary in the other. Don’t forget to top your potatoes with those signature tomato and aioli sauces. Then, as they say in Spanish, buen provecho! 

 Before you tuck into your fresh new family feast this weekend, don’t forget to share your creation! Simply tag us on Instagram or Facebook using #ComfortFoodies.

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